Poetry Reading

So, I recently decided to try my hand at two new things I haven’t attempted to do before. Firstly, I dabbled in a bit of poetry, and since I am most certainly a prose writer at heart, this was more than slightly intimidating!

Secondly, and definitely the more challenging of the two, I read out my work at an open mic night event (essentially a night where us creative types read out our work to a live audience). I am pleased to say that the reading went well overall! Additionally, in light of being very much preoccupied by my MA course, I thought the poem I wrote would make a good addition to this (at present) neglected blog of mine!

P.S – I apologise in advance to any poets who read this! I have little understanding of the rules of poetry so this is very much a free-verse piece of work. 

Me on stage

Words Unspoken



Can you hear it?

The ecstasy of drumming,

The constant drumming,

It’s there.

Right there.

Yes. There…it’s inside of you.

Squirming in the pit of your stomach, like some vile, deformed thing,

There it lies, restless — pure, unadulterated rage.


At first it merely simmers.

Shallow breaths of air are expelled from your mouth.

Your hands shake like autumn leaves quivering in the wind.

But wait.

There’s something else.

Words unspoken.

Words that claw at your throat.

Words that want to pry open your lips.

Words that will unleash a torrent of screams, insults, jibes and all manner of chaos and destruction.


Why resist?

Why swallow these words and bottle up the rage that eats away at your being?

Why let it seethe like a red-hot furnace for days, months, even years on end?

Why delay the inevitable?


Because look inside of you.


It is coming. Nothing can stop it. Or hold it. Or reason with it.

One day, those words will pry open your lips.

They will eat out with jealousy and envy and longing for the lives of others.

They will feed on them.

Then, with the ease of a sharp blade slicing through bare flesh, they will change…everything.


They will shatter the contented faces of those around you.

Bewildered frowns will take their place.

The sound of silence will be as deafening as a new-born’s screams as it is wrenched away from its mother’s grasp.

And everything will change,



Today is that day,

Today you speak —for better or for worse,

Listen no more,


The world is quiet here…








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