I’m Not Ashamed.

If you’re looking to read something that condemns society and our own failures when it comes to broaching the subject of mental illness, then look no further than this entry from Allie Knofczynski, who is not only arguably more qualified to talk about the psychology behind the subject than I am, but who does so in such an eloquent and accurate way. People would be doing themselves a service by taking on board what she has to say. So I would implore you to do yourself a favour and listen to what she has to say.

Allie MaeLynn

My beautiful mom actually directed me to a certain news story she saw on CBS one evening, and I couldn’t help but find inspiration from it.

To summarize, Rachel Griffin, suffering from depression and anxiety since the age of 14, decided to start a movement toward destigmatizing mental illness with a simple hashtag #imnotashamed. Rather than keeping mental illness in the dark, she is bringing it to the light and fully exposing it. She’s even writing a dramatic work for Broadway taking place in a mental hospital, a place many may feel extremely uncomfortable. When the misconception around mental illness is still so strong, admitting those inner struggles and embracing them is no small feat, but it’s a necessary one.

stigma_graphic These statistics were featured in USA Today. While some areas have definitely approved, we have plenty of work left to do. 

The amount of research I have done in…

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One thought on “I’m Not Ashamed.

  1. Sad to read these figures, amazing to find that people have not really changed their attitudes very much. So, even though we are sticking a lot of awareness out there, things are still very much not progressing in terms of the public perception of neurological illnesses ( as I like to correctly refer to them.) I think its distinct in the fact that people don’t want to change their attitudes towards it. That’s the tough part, once that door is open, then things could make a steady improvement. Breaking that barrier is the most important of all. G8 to follow and read, shall continue to and hope you can mine. here’s my latest ramblings from my blog x hope you enjoy – https://goo.gl/yvb0k


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