Stigma within the Mental Health Community

This is a very important post to highlight. While I consider myself reasonably versed when it comes to mental health matters, I was both shocked and wholly disappointed to read this. Not because of the quality of the writing, as that is excellent, but because of the content itself.

We face enough of the challenge as it is attempting to eliminate the stigma that harms us all – take a look at any social movement in history- since when has division amongst its members ever had a positive impact on the identical aim they wanted to achieve?

This has to stop, and it has to stop now.

All credit for this article goes to DayneSvendsen.

A Schizoaffective Story

I have gone over the issue of stigma a couple of times already, in fact, there is a whole section of my blog dedicated to it; that’s how big of an issue stigma really is. I’ve also wrote an article about the mental health community itself, and how wonderful of a place it can be. It truly does pain me to be in the position in which I have to write this article as it is simply the truth, which I have witnessed for myself. Not only does stigma hinder ones journey to recovery, it causes a great deal of harm which can lead to individuals committing suicide or harming themselves further. In no way is stigma beneficial to anyone on this planet, and those who do stigmatise others should be very ashamed of themselves. This is an issue that many of us within the mental health community are fighting…

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6 thoughts on “Stigma within the Mental Health Community

  1. Great post highlighting such an important issue within the mental health community. Eliminating stigma is something I advocate strongly for…I’ve felt it from society & I’ve also experienced it within the community.

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  2. Stigma is a big problem definitely. I’ve suffered with depression a few different times during my life and to this day still take anti-depressants. I have done for the past 13 years. Stigma prevents me from publically revealing my full name on my blog because my mental health is the main topic. It’s frustrating and needs to change 😊


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