Stop The Stigma

This a great piece of writing that relates to my entry on ‘Mental illness in the workplace:A discussion’. It acutely analyses the way in which we can be open up about our mental struggles in a professional working environment by focusing on the language we use. I firmly believe that we can really make an advancement in fighting the stigma against mental illness if we take this advice on board. All credit must go to ‘Depression Ever After’, who is responsible for writing this article.

Depression Ever After

stop the stigma

I often write about the stigma and shame associated with having a mental illness, and how baffling it is that we treat medical and mental illnesses so differently. When a colleague or acquaintance is forced to take time off from work to undergo chemotherapy, we send flowers, cards, and condolences. But if a colleague or acquaintance is forced to take time off work to attend to their mental health, we talk shit about them, and gossip about their personal and professional lives. Both illnesses affect our bodies and our minds. Both illnesses can be treated by the medical model (as well as other models). Both illnesses can kill you. So why the difference in how we treat them?

Stigma. That’s why. Our society continues to view mental illness as wrong, deviant, immoral, and violence-inducing. We are socialized to believe that having a mental illness is shameful, and that it should…

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